State Attorney's Council

State Attorney's Council

Ulica grada Vukovara 49, 4. kat.

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The State Attorney's Council is an independent and autonomous body that ensures the autonomy and independence of the State Attorney's Office in the Republic of Croatia (Act on the State Attorney's Council, Official Gazette No. 67/2018) responsible for appointing and dismissing county and municipal state attorneys, transferring deputy state attorneys, conducting proceedings and deciding on disciplinary responsibility of deputy state attorneys, initiating elections for members of the Council from the ranks of deputy state attorneys, participating in educational programs and trainings of state attorneys and deputy state attorneys, deciding on objections to grades given on duty performance, keeping personal files of state attorneys and deputy state attorneys, granting approvals for the performance of other service or work in addition to the performance of state attorney's duty, keeping and controlling the asset declarations of state attorneys and deputy state attorneys and performing other tasks in accordance with the law.